prescription pills

Prescription Drugs

prescription pills Today I want to talk about prescription drugs. I have never been one to take many prescription or over the counter drugs. When I was younger, I did go through a time where I was sick, quite often, in the winter time with a bad cough and chest congestion. When I was 16 my tonsils were taken out and I didn’t seem to get sick as often. I have been truly blessed with decent health.


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are some of the most powerful and oldest therapeutic agents known. They are distilled from the different parts of the plant such as the leaf, root, flower, seed, and limbs. They are, in their pure state, some of the most natural concentrated extracts known and can penetrate the cell membranes rapidly, enhance cellular function, and travel throughout the blood and tissue within the human body.


Chemicals In Our Personal Care Items

Women are worse off than men because we use so many more personal care items. I read that a woman can actually apply 300+ toxins to her skin a day. That is why someone who eats right and is moving intentionally to take care of herself can get cancer. If you aren’t checking out the chemicals that you are putting onto your body and if you are spraying all kinds of room sprays and lighting candles in your home…..