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Food Relationships

Is it a love-hate relationship? Used to be for me. I loved to eat, then again I hated to eat. Mostly because sometimes what I wanted to eat (and how much I ate) was ‘not good for me’. I used to think I had a food addiction. Now I believe that what I was ‘addicted’ to was the habit of eating certain foods to cope with life struggles. Or maybe to even avoid those issues for a few moments at best. Then there are also the celebration aspects of life centering around food like birthdays and holidays. Eat when...

active family riding bikes

Moving More

active family riding bikes Moving more is a simple way of thinking about being physically active. Research is showing us that “sitting is the new smoking”. And that means that being inactive is as dangerous to our health as smoking a cigarette. Amazing . . . and scary! I love my washer and dryer. Just imagine...

portions and food choices

How Much?

I have worked with many people that did not have any idea how many calories they were consuming. Once they became aware, educated you might say, about the calorie content in their food choices they were able to lose weight simply by being able to keep at an amount that created a deficit in their ‘energy balance’. Very simply, if the amount of calories that are consumed are greater than the amount of calories expended or burned, this will equal weight gain. The reverse is weight loss.

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Getting Started

So it’s a new year . . . . . are you wanting a new you? Well that can be a good thing, to make changes in yourself, and that can also be overwhelming. If you’re anything like me and most other people, you tend to see ALL your faults and flaws and want them to all be gone! Well, the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and for years that was my focus too.