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If you read my homepage and know a little about when, where, how, and why I started this journey then you know that one of the things that I have changed in mine and my family’s lives is the chemicals in our home.
Since the fire was ignited that night in March 2015 – I have done a lot of research on so many different things. This is the key folks…..knowledge!! Now granted, some people’s schedule won’t allow them to spend as much time on looking things up (remember my son is almost 16 so he is pretty self sufficient) so that is part of the reason I started this website. Things that I find I can pass on to you and they can be in one nice neat place.
Most people reading this are going to say “yeah but I also don’t have time to make anything natural”. Let me tell you…..most things are not super time consuming and I have found it is way cheaper to make my own products. Now, don’t get me wrong, Young Living has a ton of products that can help you be chemical free in your home. Most of them are very economical in their price per use. However, my husband doesn’t like the scent of some of them and so I have found some great recipes and have adapted them with my own flair and with things that I have found beneficial with the research I have done.

Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in anything you apply to your skin to enter your bloodstream?

So let’s get to some of the knowledge part. Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in anything you apply to your skin to enter your bloodstream? If there are toxins in the chemicals they will not be filtered by the liver since they are being absorbed through the skin. The US produces something like 75,000 chemicals and of those 65,000 of them are harmful to the human body. Some of these are in the products that we use for personal care items, beauty items, and household cleaning items. Other countries around the world have banned these items that we in the US still have in our everyday items that we use. Some of these are as followed:

SLSs – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate – SLSs are used to degrease engines and floors. They affect the brain, heart, liver, and other organs. SLSs have been shown to cause skin corrosion in animal studies. In the presence of other certain chemicals, it can form carcinogenic nitrosamines. Are suspected as a groundwater pollutant that causes harm to aquatic life and reproduction. It breaks down the skin’s protective barrier, bringing other chemicals deeper into the body. Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause allergic dermatitis. SLSs are toxic to plants and insects and are used as a pesticide and herbicide in agriculture. When used in oral products, it may lead to irritation and desquamation of oral tissue. Soooooo you’re saying “so…I don’t use those”. Go look at the foaming hand soap that is by every sink in your house. Look at the dish soap you use to wash your pots and pans. Go look in the ingredients of that pricier “better for your hair” shampoo that you use. YEP…..THERE IT IS!!! I did the same thing! And who knows where else it is because some of the items in my house (fabric softener, laundry detergent, room deodorizers etc) didn’t even list their ingredients on the bottles.

Phthalates – these are found in cleaners, body sprays, plastic packaging, deodorants,and lotions. They are a carcinogen linked to lung, liver, and kidney cancer. They cause damage to reproductive organs and are linked to early puberty in girls due to the hormone disrupting chemicals.

Parabens, PEG, Polysorbates – These are carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors (where the hormones are created), and potentially dangerous preservative and germicide. Parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors.

Propylene Glycol – Can damage cell membranes. Linked to kidney damage and liver disease. These are found in lotions, deodorants, toothpastes, cleaning products, and shampoos.

Triclosan – This is used in almost every hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap. It affects the thyroid and female and male hormones. It also contributes to MRSA.

Diethanolamine (DEA) – Possible cancer causer. Found in cleaning and personal care items.

Petrolatum – Endocrine disruptor (where hormones are made) and carcinogen. Found in lip products and lotions.

Metals such as lead, arsenic, iron, mercury, nickel, and aluminum – Most antiperspirants have Aluminum as the first ingredient in them. Metals have estrogenic effects on breast cancer cells.

One of the top chemicals in fragrance is toluene which can cause brain damage, speech, hearing, and vision problems, memory loss, headaches, and loss of muscle control.

Fragrances – this is the big one. Most companies don’t list what chemicals make up the fragrance of their product. We are drawn to what things smell like. However, some fragrances in candles, lotions, room fresheners and everything have chemicals that have estrogenic properties in them and they reek havoc on our bodies. One of the top chemicals in fragrance is toluene which can cause brain damage, speech, hearing, and vision problems, memory loss, headaches, and loss of muscle control.

That is just the tip of the iceberg people. So — does any of that make you want to change the products you are using? I have always told my husband not to scrimp on your shoes and your mattress. Why? Because most of us spend most of our time either standing on our feet and sleeping in our beds. So what sits against our skin 24 hours a day? Our clothes and our sheets. I make 5 gallons of laundry detergent that costs me around $17 to make. It cleans as good as the name brand detergent that I was using before. I like liquid detergent so I have to boil some water, grate some bar soap in my food processor, dissolve the grated soap in the boiling water, fill a 5 gallon bucket with some water, add some borax and washing soda, add the dissolved bar soap liquid, mix really well, let sit for at least 24 hours and then bottle. I think the bottling part takes the longest because I take my hand mixer and mix up the top layer of detergent and then use a small sauce pan to scoop the detergent out of the bucket and pour into the funnel into my bottles. Then use the hand mixer again to do the next layer of detergent. So over all timewise – I would say it takes me an hour to make 5 gallons of detergent.

thieves household cleaner

I use a 50/50 mixture of Epsom salts and baking soda as fabric softener. A 4 lb bag of Epsom salts at Target is like $3. The baking soda I get from Costco in the 10 lb (ish) size bag for around $6. I use it in my pool over the summer to control the pH in the water so I always have some on hand. I have seen where others use vinegar as a fabric softener – but have read where repeated use of vinegar in your washer will break down the rubber seals…..can’t have a leaking washer!!!

I use homemade wool dryer balls (super easy to make and you can sit watching TV while you make them) in my dryer to cut down the dry time of my clothes in the dryer, as well as, cut down on the wrinkles. If you have to have your clothes smell good — then after the dryer is done drying your clothes — add a few drops of essential oils to the dryer balls and roll your clothes for another 5 minutes.

I use food grade peroxide to whiten my whites because I don’t want to use chlorine bleach due to the chemical make up and I have a septic tank and it will kill the good bacteria in my septic tank. A 32 oz bottle of food grade (17%) peroxide cost me about $16 but I have been using it for 6 + months and still have half a bottle left.

I do use Young Livings Thieves Household cleaner for cleaning a bunch of different ways. Mopping my floors, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen counters….it is a powerhouse cleaner and a tiny bit goes a longggggg way. My mother puts a cap full of Thieves Household cleaner to every load of laundry that she does. They live in Florida and she has horses. So she spends a lot of time outside and sweats through her clothes. She wasn’t able to get the sweat smell out and get her clothes clean. She prefers a powder detergent so she mixes a 50/50 mixture of borax and washing soda with grated Fels Naptha soap in a big jar and then adds the Thieves Household cleaner in with the powder when she puts the powder into the washing machine. She is thrilled and can’t live without it!!

I make my own dusting spray. In a spray bottle I fill it with water and add a teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of lemon essential oils. I use static dusters that once I am done with them wash them in the washer with cold water, detergent, and peroxide to get them clean. Then take them out of the washer and let them hang dry. I shake the dusting spray every time before I spray the duster and when I see I need a little more oil or can’t smell the lemon – I add a little more. You don’t want to saturate your duster….you just want a little moisture so you collect the dust better.

You get the idea. Easy peasy right? I know, I know…..this is a lot of information. So I will stop there and try and write tomorrow about the personal care and beauty items that I use and make myself.

I hope this was helpful. If we want to “Live Normal, Live Healthy, Live Life” we have to work together. If you need any help or have any questions – please feel free to contact me. I hope you have a day that is filled with abundance, purpose, and wellness! Love ya!

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