Emotional and Spiritual Health

woman stress

Today I want to talk about Emotional and Spiritual Health. There is lots of information out there that talks about our physical bodies and how our physical health is tied to our gut. If our gut isn’t healthy then our bodies won’t be either. However, if our emotions are all negative and we aren’t going down the right path spiritually, then that can affect us physically as well. I am one of those people that when I get worried or upset – it will affect my digestive system. If you have checked out Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton videos on YouTube on the different body systems, Dr. JB says over and over again that when stress is increased digestion is decreased – meaning that your digestive system will not work properly.

Stress is really wreaking havoc on the American society. We work too much, think we have to have more more more, and are connected (technologically) all the time. We don’t have down time. Time to recharge and refresh our systems. Yes, when we sleep we can recharge – however – how many of you go to bed and fall right to sleep? Do you lay there and go through your day and think of the to-do list that hasn’t been finished for the day? Or maybe you think of your children and what you think they are missing out on because of your finances or the time that you don’t spend with them. Or maybe you are thinking about those finances, how you don’t like your job, how you wish this or that about your life……so you lay there and think and you aren’t able to recharge and refresh your systems like we should. How many of you sleep with your “smartphone” next to your bed? Do you turn the notifications off, put your phone on silent, or just down to vibrate?

If someone said or did something to you that hurt your feelings – if you don’t deal with how that made you feel then you are going to carry that around with you and it will drag you down.

If you are a woman – married or not – with children or not – we as women think that we have to do for those that we love. That is part of the way God made us. However, many women have control issues. They want things done and in the way they would do them. If it doesn’t happen the way we want them done and in the time frame we want it done in then we get angry or upset. This is called codependency. Men can be codependent as well. Either way – by stressing over how and when things are being done only stresses out the codependent person.

If you think to yourself that you aren’t __________ enough (fill in the blank – good, pretty, strong, smart, skinny, capable) then you are going to have self-esteem issues. You will be down on yourself and believe things that aren’t true about yourself.

If you don’t face those feelings and deal with them then you may not be able to find healthy relationships because of not getting over your feelings from the past.

If you have lost a loved one – whether it be because they have passed or it is someone that just isn’t in your life any more – then you are grieving. If you don’t face those feelings and deal with them then you may not be able to find healthy relationships because of not getting over your feelings from the past.

Folks – these are all hurts and hang-ups that every single person walking this earth deal with. Some people deal with these issues with self medication with drugs or alcohol. Or they shop to make themselves feel better. Or they eat to make themselves feel better. Or they watch porn to make themselves feel better. Most times whatever they use to “make themselves feel better” then spins out of control and then they are left to stress over this as well.

I am a Christ follower. My husband lead me to God in 1994 and I asked God into my heart. However, I thought that was all there was to it. I could continue to live my life as I always did but didn’t realize that by asking God into my heart I had asked God to have a relationship with me. As any relationship – this one was going to require work on my part. I needed to get to know God. I needed to spend time with Him every day. The best way to know Him was to study His word…the bible. The best way to spend time with Him every day was in prayer and conversation with Him.  Now don’t get me wrong – when I asked God into my heart I wasn’t a bad person……I was just a floundering good person. So I went along for about 17 years as a floundering good person. I tried to do everything on my own. Until one day – something happened in my life to make me realize that I can’t do it on my own. I needed help from God. So I surrendered over all aspects of my life over to Him. I also got into a ministry at our church called Celebrate Recovery. When people hear the word “recovery” they think of a rehabilitation place. Some place where people go to get away from drugs and alcohol. However, 70% of people who attend Celebrate Recovery are not there to recover from a chemical addition (drugs or alcohol). They have issues that keep them from receiving all that God and life have to offer them. Celebrate Recovery is a 12 step and 8 principles ministry that is based on the Beatitudes that Jesus went over at the Sermon on the Mount. It is a program that gives you the tools to work on the hurts and hang-ups of life so they don’t turn into habits. Habits that can wreck you….that can take a hold of your life….your thoughts…..and keep you prisoner. These are steps and principles that you can use every day of your life to deal with what comes at you that can bring you down. It also helps you deal with past hurts that you have carried around like heavy baggage that keeps you from loving the people around you and more importantly yourself. Celebrate Recovery helps me recharge and refresh my system, so that I can be healthy and happy. Celebrate Recovery teaches you that we serve a loving and forgiving God.  If you are interested in checking out Celebrate Recovery – Google it and find a place in your area that has a Celebrate Recovery ministry.

I hope this was helpful. If we want to “Live Normal, Live Healthy, Live Life” we have to work together. If you need any help or have any questions – please feel free to contact me. I hope you have a day that is filled with abundance, purpose, and wellness! Love ya!


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