Moving More

active family riding bikes

Moving more is a simple way of thinking about being physically active. Research is showing us that “sitting is the new smoking”. And that means that being inactive is as dangerous to our health as smoking a cigarette. Amazing  . . . and scary! I love my washer and dryer. Just imagine having to scrub clothes on a ‘washboard’ and crank them thru the ‘wringer’ then hang them out to dry . . . . no I can’t imagine how much time and effort that is but, wow, the calories that would burn. In our culture with so many modern helps in our daily activities, like indoor plumbing, cars, phones, elevators, escalators, washers, dryers, etc., we’ve reaped the awesome time saving benefits but lost the energy expenditures that actually helped us be strong and enduring. Now we have to lift dumbbells and walk on treadmills to get the movement our bodies were designed to have.
I don’t want to go back to the prairie days but I like being physically active. The list of benefits for my body, mind, and soul are long and real. I affectionately call it my personal prozac. And there was a time when I followed the wrong path and was stuck on a treadmill of performance to live up to the world’s standard of what a woman’s body should look like. Thank God for freedom from that mindset! Freedom to live for more than the temporary effects on a body that will age and decay and eventually fail as I pass on to a better life. Now I move more to enjoy life more rather than to fit into a number.
A common saying in the fitness industry is: The best exercise is the one you will do. You already know this if you have joined a gym or purchased a piece of home exercise equipment, used it for a couple weeks, or maybe just days, then quit. It probably wasn’t all that fun and maybe even hurt! And you didn’t get any results because you wouldn’t or couldn’t do it. It’s ok to try many different types of physical activity until you find the one you WILL DO. I have seen amazing results in people that dance, garden, hike, ride bikes, practice yoga, walk (even just for the dog’s benefit), run, play soccer, rock climb . . .  these results are not like the ones you see on TV, with the almost hard to believe before and after pictures, with the disclaimers at the bottom that actually state ‘results not typical’. I am talking about results like having more energy, enjoying life, loving themselves even when they aren’t perfect, sleeping better, eating more healthy, letting go of stresses that not under their control.

No matter what physical activity you do, you will not look like the person you see on the cover of a magazine

Let’s not be fooled. No matter what physical activity you do, you will not look like the person you see on the cover of a magazine, starring in the latest hit movie or TV show, or practically any other media you view. Not just because of potential ‘air brushing’ and photo sculpting done to that graphic image but because that is not you. You are unique, designed as a one-of-a-kind, there is no one else exactly the same as you on the planet (unless you have an identical twin, and really how many of those are out there) and you get the point but won’t benefit from the truth of that statement until you live like it’s the truth.
So, live for you, not to look like someone else. That involves acceptance and the understanding that you have choices to make. Accept who you are, make changes where change is possible.I will never be taller than 5’3”, I literally cannot make my legs longer so I have accepted that unchanging fact and embraced the truth so that I can let go the thoughts of ‘I wish I were taller’ and choose instead to love me as I am . . . God does so why can’t I?
Choose to move more by finding something you will do. Move as much as you can. Make the time to do this for you. Keep it simple to start. Be mindful of honoring your body. Have fun. Enjoy moving as a way to a better quality of life not just a smaller clothing size. Results will follow and you will be amazed!

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