One Step At A Time

thieves laundry and lavender and dryer balls

If you read “Chemicals in Your Home” and “Chemicals in Your Personal Care Products” then now you know how bad so many chemicals are for your body. When I told you to look at the ingredients in the products you have in your home….you were shocked to find how many products that you use every single day that are super harmful for you. Now your head is spinning and you are getting overwhelmed because you aren’t sure what to do….you know that you no longer want to have these chemicals in your home….but for many of us….the expense to replace everything is a bit too much! Breath. There is hope and it doesn’t have to hurt so bad.
First off…with any change you want it to be positive and impactful. So the most important change…in my opinion…is your laundry detergent. We are surrounded by the clothes and linens that we launder, every moment of every day. So the toxins that are in your detergent are sitting on your skin all the time. Everyone washes their clothes and linens. Other behaviors (if we clean our homes or have a cleaning person and the different personal products that are used) can vary greatly. So this is where I would start first. Now granted…your laundry detergent and fabric softener more than likely doesn’t have an ingredient list on the side of it. If not then you can Google the product you use and see what is in your brand. Also just because your brand touts that it is all natural or healthy be armed with knowledge folks! I picked up one of those brands at Target the other day and guess what….right there in the ingredient list of the dish soap was sodium lauryth sulfate. Also keep in mind that if your product has a scent to it and the ingredient label says “fragrance” BE VERY LEARY!! Because “fragrance” isn’t regulated ….they can put anything in there …..even if it has been deemed harmful. Check out this article on fragrance .
Then think about your personal hygiene habits. If you cover your body with lotion, perfume, body mist every single time you get out of the shower then you will want to replace those items next. Then as you run out of things …..hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, dusting spray, dish soap, floor detergent etc…..replace them with natural non-toxic items. Another reason to replace those things that sit on your skin 24/7 is because our skin is the largest organ of our body, as well as, it is our body’s first line of defense. There are some chemicals or toxins that can break down that defense system within the skin and that will allow more of the toxins into your body. So we want to be a diligent as possible without breaking the bank. Give yourself grace and do one step at a time.
I hope this was helpful. If we want to “Live Normal, Live Healthy, Live Life” we have to work together. If you need any help or have any questions – please feel free to contact me. I hope you have a day that is filled with abundance, purpose, and wellness! Love ya!

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