Small Changes

woman with good and bad food

Small changes will create big results . . .  and it’s easier for us to manage changes in our habits if we don’t try to change everything all at once. That is where many people become overwhelmed and just can’t maintain eating healthy or being more intentional in physical activity. We live busy lives and lots of times things that are hard get crowded out. We feel we just don’t have time to fix fresh food or exercise. The excuse I hear the most from the clients I work with that are seeking to become more healthy is “I don’t have time to . . . . “.
We all have ‘time’. We chose what we do with our time. Yes, I am  back to telling you that knowing the choice is yours gives you freedom and ability to make changes if you are in a place you don’t want to be. So if you are overweight, tired of being tired, under the burden of prescription medications (or even over-the-counter meds), or facing other health and wellness challenges (that list can get very long), know that you can makes choices that will help you get started on your journey to wholeness and health.
Water and breakfast are two small changes we’ve already talked about. What to eat for breakfast may be the next choice we can focus on. What is ok to eat is a frequently asked question. Maybe that is because there is so much ‘food’ available to us. In fact we live in a nation that is dying from too much food. It has been said that we are ‘digging our graves with our forks’ (title of a documentary). SO, let’s makes some changes!

Knowing how to read labels comes in handy when you are thinking of eating something from a bag, box, or a wrapper.

How about a small change in how we define FOOD. Defining food as substances that naturally occurr, coming from the ground and trees, is a good place to start but I know how I think and I would be literally confined to never eating something from a can or jar  so my definition includes food items like beans in a can, sundried tomatoes from a jar, on occasion a granola bar in a wrapper. This narrows the choices down ALOT. Maybe too much for some. So knowing how to read labels comes in handy when you are thinking of eating something from a bag, box, or a wrapper. Choose foods that have minimal processing. That means the list of ingredients is short and you can pronounce them!
Another small change to make is choosing items without added sugar. This actually feels like a big change because so many of our common, eaten-every-day foods have sugar added to them. Next time you shop for bread, read the labels. I am sure you have seen and heard all the buzz about HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and how research is discovering how bad this ingredient is for us. You may have a hard time finding a brand of bread that doesn’t contain HFCS.
I am not saying that you can never have sugar. I fully intend on having cake at my daughter’s wedding and it will not be sugar free 🙂 And that brings up the artificial sweetener debate. One choice that I would back 100% of the time is to not consume items with artificial sweeteners. There is always another choice. And that may be to not have either the sugar ladden item or the one with the fake stuff which I affectionately call ‘sweet poison’.
No, I didn’t give you a list of what you should or should not eat for breakfast. That would mean I am in control of your choices, at least for as long as you would allow my list to make the choice for you. You are in control and now you have some guidelines for your food choices: Choose real food, avoid sugar including artificial sweeteners.
Next time we’ll dive into the topic of how much food to eat.

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